GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version December 2022

Download GB WhatsApp Pro apk updated version 2022 for android on your android device. It is one of the best and working instant messaging WhatsApp mod that allows users to bypass all WhatsApp limitations like blocked groups, images, and more.

Once you will install it on your device then you can experience all the cool features like updated WhatsApp groups, old WhatsApp chats backup, new themes, stickers, and many more cool kinds of stuff only available for Android devices through GB WhatsApp mod apk.

There are also other versions available like Whatsapp Plus, FMWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, Cyber Whatsapp.

App Pack NameGBWhatsApp APK
APK VersionLatest v17.10
APK Size55 MB
Required Android VersionAndroid Version 4.3 and Above
Total Downloads7,500,000+
Last Update1 Day ago

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB WhatsApp is a fully whatsapp mod version developed by a senior member of for the first time, keeping all recent as well as advanced users in mind. It has so many cool features which you will not find in any other WhatsApp mod.

This user-friendly version is very famous among the youngsters for its easy-to-use interface and some additional features which are not available in the original Whatsapp version.

To get access to these advanced features, you need to download GB Whatsapp 2022 and install it on your android device, GB WhatsApp 2022 which is a great app for those who are looking for a messaging application that doesn’t store their data but is still packed with amazing and advance features just like WhatsApp messenger.

The latest version of the GBWA has fixed bugs and added some great features so that you can enjoy all features of official WhatsApp on Android, iOS, Windows, and PC devices.

GB Whatsapp By Alex Mods:

You can also download and use GB Whatsapp by Alex mods for uninterrupted use. This modded version does not display the ads. This advanced version can be used for any android device.

It contains the features like a dark background theme, New stickers and downloadable stories.

GB Whatsapp Latest Features List:

The main reason for the popularity of GB Whatsapp is some of its cool and unique features which are not available in any other single modded version of WhatsApp. It has been released with more features than default WhatsApp.

Night Mode Feature:

Dark Mode or you can call it the Night Mode feature is available in GBWhatsapp apk for the people who want to use it at night time. You can enable the dark theme with only one tap on the half-moon icon appearing at the top right corner.

GB Whatsapp Activate DarkMode Theme

Want to go back to normal daylight mode? It’s so simple. Tap on the shining sun icon and it’ll enable normal mode.

Switch Back to Normal Mode in GB Whatsapp from Night Mode

Do Not Disturb Mode:

This is one of the best features available in this version and not available in original Whatsapp. If you want to use your cell phone continuously like watching videos or playing games without getting disturbed by other Whatsapp users. This updated version gives you the best and most simple solution for this problem.

All you need to do is tap on the Wi-Fi icon in the upper right corner and it will disable the wi-fi only for WhatsApp and you can continue using the internet connection on your device for other tasks.

Anti-Deleted Messages Feature:

Another useful feature which is famous among the youngsters who are curious to know about the deleted WhatsApp messages.

This smart feature of GbWhatsapp makes you able to watch and read the messages even after the sender of the message deletes them for everyone.

For enabling this feature, follow these simple steps.

  • GB Settings.
  • Privacy Control.
  • Anti-Delete Messages.
Deleted Messages Step 01 GB Whatsapp
Deleted Messages GB WhatsApp Step 02

Freeze Last Seen:

By using this freeze last seen feature your contacts will only see when you were online last time even if you do daily chat. You can enable it with the simple steps given below.

  • Go to GBWhatsapp Settings.
  • Tap on Privacy and Security.
  • Activate the Freeze Last Seen and restart the app.

Trick with Blue Ticks:

Original WhatsApp only gives you the option to hide the blue tick status, but with GBWhatsapp you can play more than the ticks. This feature not only hides your blue ticks but also hides typing, hides your recording status and microphone.

Trick with Blue Ticks

Disable Forward Message Tag:

By enabling this feature, you will be able to forward the message you received from others but it will look like the sent message was your text. Isn’t it cool?

Disable Forwarded Tag feature

Hide View Status:

In normal Whatsapp version when you see someone else’s story or status your name appears at the status that you watched their status but in GB Whatsapp you will be able to hide your name while watching other people’s status or stories.

Hide View Status feature in gb whatsapp

Anti-Delete Status:

Watching WhatsApp status has become a habit for some people. They want to know what other people in their contact list are doing by watching their status, but sometimes people delete their status for some reason and you are unable to watch that particular status on time.

No worries, This Anti Delete Status feature was specially developed for this purpose. you will be able to watch other people’s status even after it gets deleted by the uploader. You don’t need to enable it because it is already activated by default.

Anti Delete Status feature

Download Status Feature:

This is my favorite. Sometimes I liked the status of my friends so much that I wanted to download and save it but because this feature is not available on the official Whatsapp so I wasn’t able to do it. With this GBWhatsapp Mod APK version for 2022 now you can do the magic.

Just go to the status you want to download and tap on the bottom right corner download button and it will be saved in your download folder. [see the image below]

whatsapp status saver download feature

Themes and Stickers:

The latest version you have will have a vast collection of themes and animated stickers. You can also make your favorite theme for your personal use.

New Emoji:

This modded version is loaded with tons of new and funny emojis, you are gonna love it.

Fonts Pack:

Like other WhatsApp versions, It also has a vast collection of amazing fonts. If you don’t like the default font style which is very simple, old and boring, you may want to change it for a new user experience.

Profile Picture Notification:

Does official Whatsapp notify you when someone changes his or her profile picture? The answer is NO. but GBWA 2022 will notify you immediately as soon as someone will change the DP of their profile.

Bulk Sending Images and Videos:

With the original WhatsApp, you can only send 30 images or videos at max in one go, also the file size limit is 16MB (most probably 90 seconds to 3 minutes. Depending on the video quality) which is not good enough for advanced users.

This limitation is also the major reason for people to use this GB Whatsapp mod apk. Especially students who are likely to send images of their notes and want to share the documents in hundreds with their classmates.

This new version does the wonder when it comes to sending bulk Images and videos. It increases the limitation from 16MB to 100MB per audio/video file size, and also you will be able to send more than 30 images at once.


Want to use the auto-reply feature in original WhatsApp when you are busy and unable to reply? You can’t do it without installing another app that modifies the real WhatsApp.

Installing an extra app for this feature is not only takes some extra storage in your device but also it is a risky thing to do.

GBWhatsapp allows you to complete the auto-reply task without installing any other harmful app.

All you need to do is only tap on the three lines in the upper right corner then tap on auto-reply and type a message you want to send after a specific time. See the image below and follow these simple steps.

auto reply feature1 in gb whatsapp
auto reply 2 feature in gb whatsapp

Location sharing:

Like all other versions, GBWhatsapp also provides the feature of location sharing to friends and family.

Audio and Video Call:

GBWhatsapp is not only a chatting or instant messaging app. It is also majorly used around the world for free audio and video calls. Right now, you can only add 8 members to WhatsApp group calls but WhatsApp is planning to increase the limit up to 50 members in the future and also without any time limit.

Group Chat:

Like the official WhatsApp, version of group chats, you can also create and join a group. You will be able to add a maximum of 256 participants for texting and sharing images videos and documents. You can send a message without revealing your identification in groups.

Message Scheduler:

The message scheduler feature allows you to type the text the schedule it to send at a specific time to the specific user or multiple users.

Create and restore backup:

Creating a backup of your WhatsApp chat is essential. Just in case your GBwhatsapp app gets corrupted or you change your android device and want to recover all your data in one click.

For this purpose, you want to restore your chat backup. Luckily it’s very simple and easy to perform this task.

For creating you need to go to your WhatsApp settings > tap on chats option and finally tap on chat backup. That’s it. Soon WhatsApp will start creating a backup of your chat. You can select the include video option.

How to download and install GBWhatsapp 2022?

Downloading is not so difficult. It’s really easy to download with a few simple steps


In order to install first you need to Download GB Whatsapp apk and select the folder in your android device where you want to download the latest version of GBwhatsapp Pro APk and start downloading.


After downloading the app from our given link search for the folder where you downloaded the app. Once you find the app tap on it.

it may ask you to give permission through “Unknown Sources” from your cell phone’s security settings. If you already selected that option then the app will start installing automatically.

You will be required only 75MB to 80MB storage space for installing GBWhatsApp Pro APK.

How to Update GBWhatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is an open-source app. This means it’s a third-party app and not officially available on Google Play Store or Apple IOS app store. You can download and update latest version of gb whatsaspp mod apk from right after the new updated version is released.


Gb Whatsapp Mod APK is the most famous and well-known mod apk of the original whatsapp. It is famous for its awesome new features which other versions do not offer.

No, you don’t need to root your android device. All you have to do is just download GBWhatsApp apk and install it on your phone.

The honest answer to this question is No. it does not work with IOS. Because this is a modded version and developed unofficially so it’s near to impossible to download and install GBwhatsapp for iPhone. Also, IPhone/IOS security is very strict which makes it near to impossible for third-party apps to install it.

Most of the information and mod apk file for iPhone available on the internet is fake and just clickbait. There is only one way to install it on your phone is the Jailbreaking process which voids the warranty. I do not recommend this.

It wasn’t safe to use this modded version earlier because whatsapp was banning the users who were using third party developed version. But now in the latest anti-ban updated version it is completely safe to use. You are not going to get ban from whatsapp.

Though it is not recommended to install and use third party developed apps while official app is available, but tons of people using it for years and no one faced any security issue ever, we can consider this app to be pretty safe to use.

Possibly you may not have enough storage in your cell phone or may be you downloaded an old or the corrupted version.


GBWhatsApp is a new WhatsApp version that comes with several new features. The app is gaining popularity around the world and especially in India and used by millions of users.

This app allows you to chat without any limits or restrictions. Also, it allows you to send unlimited media files as well as videos along with voice messages.

If you are looking for an alternative for WhatsApp, then it’s time for you to try out GBWhatsApp APK because it will never disappoint its users. It also comes with a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for everyone to use it without any hassle.