This App is a third-party app based on the official version of WhatsApp. This App is increasing in popularity day by day. It has more than 15 million users worldwide. The secret of its popularity lies in its features. FM Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version 2023, This is an official communication app. It also sends photos, audio Voice notes, and video calls. It permits you to communicate with others by sending messages. This is the best App for today’s generation.

This App provides exciting, accessible, and secure communication. Many third-party developers developed this App. and tried their best to provide everyday WhatsApp users. FM WhatsApp is one of the best. This fantastic App is against the ban and can never be banned. This is best when we are looking to ban the WhatsApp experience.

It is a better version of WhatsApp. It is free from ads and virus free. These features are not present in traditional WhatsApp. The developers update apps. The process of this App download is quite simple, and users enjoy the best parts.

FM WhatsApp

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What is the FM Whatsapp?

This communication app looks like an all-rounder. There is no case of fake accounts. It works with the person’s number. There is no need to go through the process of sending friend requests and not waiting for them to accept. You create your account with your number. You connect to all your friends and family members .whose contacts are saved on your device. Chatting online has always been more fun. It is the most used messaging app. It gives many functions that standard versions of WhatsApp cannot. This App should make everything easy for you. It hides online status and other interface icons. We are living in a modern world which is shown in communication. This App is the best version that permits you to hide your last-seen delivery reports.

You enjoy the flexibility of thousands of themes from the library. There is no doubt that FM WhatsApp Latest Version is great. It has a theme store with attractive themes. This App has many features to suit your daily needs. This permits you to use two accounts on the same device. This App is a top communication app that lets you connect with your family and friends. It has many new and valuable features that must be present in WhatsApp.

Features of FM Whatsapp:

There are the following special features of FMWhatsApp.

Always Online:

It will show you always online .unless you remove Download FMWhatsApp from the recent tab.

Broadcast contacts:

Simple WhatsApp permits you to broadcast messages to a few contacts. Suppose you are running a business and want to disclose information to many people. Then use this best GBApps. You can select many references in this App.

See Deleted Messages and Statuses:

When someone uploads a status . then deletes it.  Honista A status upload notification appears. Those messages and groups are not removed from your chat.

Online dots on the home screen:

You no longer need to enter a chat to see who’s online. This Application shows green dots on online conversations on the home screen.

Voice Changer:

It includes underwater, drunk, robot, and teen. It also has slow motion, deep, fast, and baby reverse sounds. This is the best feature. When an audio message is recorded and sent. It will be converted to a selected voice.

Download Status:

It has status download functionality. If you want to download someone’s status, open their status. Then tap on the download button.

Message Scheduler:

You can enter a message, date and time, and contact. On the date and time, join. This App will send that message to all documented contacts.

Custom privacy settings:

You can hide your online presence. Also, receive messages. Read them without letting others know by using privacy settings. FMWhatsapp Download gives you the option to hide the second tick, blue tick, and more. Also, allow you to hide typing and recording status.

60+ Font Styles:

This Application has 60+ font styles. You can use any of them.

Hide contact name:

Many people are in the habit of seeing. Who they are talking to on their mobile. To counter their snooping. You can hide a contact’s name from the chat. This will remove characters from the top bar and leave them blank.

Contact Toast:

You can enable the contact toast option from their profile page. You can also allow voice notifications in this App.

Lock and hide chats:

You can protect your chats by setting a password and more. Here You can also hide chats. Confidential conversations will not appear in search results and contact lists.

Disable photo sharing limit:

You can select up to 30 photos when sharing with others. But in this Application, you can share many photos or images with others.

Thousands of Themes:

No need to use the same old dark and light theme. Give your FMWA a new look every day. You are getting many pieces in it. Themes range from animal, Vincent, and Walking Dead articles and abstracts. Apply any music you like.

Incoming Call Settings:

Simple FM WatsApp has no settings for incoming calls except notification tone. Yacine TV There should be settings to restrict unwanted incoming calls.

Hide Online Status :

Suppose you want to stay online without showing your online status. You can freeze your last scene at whatever point your companions view your talk. yacinetv The Application will show that you are disconnected. The past seen at X time regardless of whether you are on the web.

Blue tick after your reply:

This App will show a blue tick to your friends immediately after your reply.

Key Features of FM Whatsapp:

 Protects your privacy.


 Malware free.


 Broadcast messaging.

 App lock option.

 Disable the blue tick.

 You can change personal icons.

 Option to pin your desired chats

 High-quality video sharing.

 Full-resolution image sharing.

 App launcher and notification icons.

 You can share a large amount of data.

 Disable forward tags on messages.

 Hide status view.

 Anti-restriction mode.

 Hide online status.

 Can choose which contacts can call you.

 Completely ad-free.

 Hide typing and recording status.

 Easy-to-use interface.

 End-to-end encryption.

 Custom privacy settings for contacts and groups.

FM WhatsApp

   Download FMWhatsapp


 You can choose any subject from the library.

 Auto-reply functionality.

 Download status.

 It has an anti-delete feature.

 This feature prevents recipients from deleting your sent messages.

 This App can share large files.

 There are many themes for your watsApp.

 You are allowed to share up to ten photos in one message.


 The largest of this App is privacy.

 The developer can see your sent and received messages. This flaw could compromise your security. The developers could spy on you.

 Second disadvantage is speed. 


Is FM WhatsApp safe?

Yes, it is entirely safe.

Can I use WhatsApp Web in FM WhatsApp?

Yes, You can use WhatsApp web in FM WhatsApp.

Can I send original quality photos through FM Whatsapp?

Yes, you can send it.

Is FM WhatsApp free to download?

Yes, it’s free to download.

How to download it?

We can download FM WhatsApp from our website.


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