WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2023 Latest Version

This application is a worldwide communication app. The number of its users is increasing day by day. It helps people to connect. You can send your messages over the network with the help of this app. It is an application for all types of people. It offers a free DND feature that turns off the web for you after giving permission. WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2023 Latest Version, It permits users to change the look and feel of WhatsApp. You can use instant messaging everywhere. This app has many features that WhatsApp users always wanted to hide their online status.

People love its features which are not available in WhatsApp. You can hide your online status from your contacts. You can also turn off specific conversations using this app. No one will be able to see your last seen status. This app gives all the prominent features that users love. We have to send many messages at specific intervals in this app. It is a modified version of the original WatsApp. This application stands out for its unique offerings. It permits everyone to customize the appearance of the app.



What is Whatsapp Plus?

This app is a top-rated messaging app that is used by everyone in the world today. People use this app for different reasons. WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2023 Latest Version, This app uses end-to-end encryption to send messages. WhatsApp Plus is an alternative version. Most people have it on their Android phones.

Other companies have created similar apps. These apps are called third-party applications. Some are Yo WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and more. These features make the app more exciting and valuable for users. The same company does not cause this app as the original WhatsApp, and is not official. It offers customization options that are not available in the original app. It does not need root access to install it on your device. You will get every functionality of the original app in it. Millions of users use it. It is the easiest way to connect with people.

Features of Whatsapp Plus:

Dark Mode

You can use the dark mode feature with better visibility. This feature is useful when using WhatsApp at night.

Theme facility

This app permits users to choose universal, unique, and attractive themes. The entire user interface is customizable. This app chooses a suitable visual theme.

Direct Message

Using this feature, you can call or message anyone using WatsApp Plus.

Hide media from the gallery

WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2023 Latest Version, We cannot afford to lose them if they fall into the wrong hands. The official WhatsApp Gallery app shows everything. That was sent and received on WhatsApp.


You can hide the second tick, blue ticks, typing, recording, and blue microphone among contacts.

Pin Chat

This application has tried its best to make things more comfortable for the users. Increase the chat pin limit to more. You have all the pin functionality you need.


You can also change the privacy settings for Groups.



Anti-delete message

In this App, you enable the anti-delete feature to prevent it from deleting messages for you.

Better multimedia sharing

In this App, the file size requirements have increased. It permits large files to be sent.

Call settings

You choose who can call me. Except for My Contacts, Select All, My Contacts, and None. It is beneficial for your privacy.

Emoji Variants

The emoji variants do not refer to the emojis available on the bar. It’s the same emoji with various designs. In this App, you get 6+ unique styles.

WhatsApp Lock

To maintain a high level of security, the developers create WhatsApp Lock. It provides patterns, PINs, and fingerprints.

Professional customization

It will not need you to root your phone . You can customize everything from the header to the footer.


If you are sending stickers, you can try Plus WhatsApp add-ons. It has hundreds of sticker packs and wallpapers.

Scheduling Messages

Every tradition has an adequate number of well-known festivals, events, and days. It offers a free message scheduling function at any time.

Best Themes

You are getting options to install themes on this App. It has tons of themes to choose from.

Hide online status

Suppose you want to stay online without showing your online status. You can freeze your last scene whenever your friends view your chat. The App will show that you are offline. The previous seen at X time whether you are online or not.

Font Style

You are getting lots of font styles. This font will be applied to the entire WhatsApp Plus Latest Version.

History and Logs

You can keep a record of every activity that happens on your account. This feature can be helpful for you in many ways.

Image Modes

Images will be sent in the highest quality. You can also increase or decrease the image size.

WhatsApp Icons

It has many funny WhatsApp + icons, which you can use to impress all your friends and family.

Multi-app language support

Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Bahasa Malaysia, and English.



Key Features of Whatsapp Plus:

 The anti-blocking feature is present.


 Hide your writing status.

 Safe for Android phone users

 This app uses Quick Reply to join messages.

 30+ privacy features.

 Simple and easy to use.

 It permits sharing location in one click.

 Downloaded videos to view.

 Safe to download and use.

 Ability to copy the text status of your contacts.

 High-quality video-sharing feature.

 You can share large amounts of data.

 Ability to cancel many messages.

 Hide your online status.

 This app is well-rated.

 It Offers customization.

 subtitles support.

 Hide view status.

 Remove the ‘Read More’ tag from long messages.

 Option to pin your favorite chats.

 Turn on dark mode.



 Anti-cancellation feature is present.

 It is not an official version.

 turn off the network from WhatsApp.

 It works through cellular data.

 Various genres are present.

 Send a message to an unsaved number.

 Always hide online.

 Place pictures with bubbles.

 It sends messages to many contacts

 Floating buttons, where you can access settings.

 Show the total number of messages

 Chat lockers are present.

 no root required.

 Enable anti-cancellation.

 Hide Typing.

 App locking option.

 friendly interface.

 Many new unique themes.

 Option to pin your chats.

 It is easy to select.

 Hide double ticks.

 Expert customization with exceptional colors.

 Disable the blue tick feature.


 This application has more features than the official WhatsApp.

 You can share more multimedia files at the same time. But in the original WhatsApp, you can share small multimedia files.

 You can customize your WhatsApp Plus Download to look its best.


 Updates of the WhatsApp Plus version are slower than the official app.

 You will have to update your application by visiting a trusted site.

FAQs of WhatsApp Plus:

What is WhatsApp Plus?

This app is a third-party application. Many users are using this version.

Is it safe to install WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, it is safe to install WhatsApp Plus 2023.

What features are provided by WhatsApp Plus?

You will find many features in this app.

 hiding your last scene.

 anti-delete messages and statuses.

 you can change the look and theme of your WhatsApp.

Where can I find more themes?

You can download themes from the WhatsApp Plus themes store.


We can download WhatsApp Plus from our website.




It is the best app. It is interesting to note that it is offered at no cost. All features 

unlocked for the user. WhatsApp Plus is a creative Android application. WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2023 Latest Version, The same WhatsApp works on the same servers. You don’t need to create an account again to use its services. It is only for general and educational purposes.