GB Whatsapp is the rejigged and most advanced form of WhatsApp. It is offering users a range of additional features and customization options. You can enjoy enhanced privacy settings and the ability to hide online status. It also allows you to hide read receipts and typing indicators. GBWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version 2024, This also offers a broader range of customization options. It will enable you to change themes, fonts, and even the app icon.

GB WhatsApp allows users to send larger files. They can send videos, files, and documents of large sizes. It means you can enjoy enhanced & convenient media sharing. Furthermore, it provides the option to schedule messages and automatically reply to messages.

While GBWhatsApp offers unique features and customization options. It is a modified version of the official App and is unavailable in official app stores. But we have the best GB version of Whatsapp for free Download.

 GB Whatsapp Apk

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What is GBWhatsApp APK?

It is the rejigged and most advanced App for using Whatsapp on Android. This GB version provides users with additional features. Moreover, there are dozens of customization options. It offers features like enhanced privacy settings. Furthermore, it allows the customization of themes and fonts. It also brings the ability to hide online status and read receipts. GBWhatsApp also enables users to send larger files and schedule messages.


Let’s dive into the top-notch features of this standout communication app. 

Enhanced Privacy Settings

 Hide online status to unleash anonymity. You can enjoy a non-stop gbapps gb whatsapp experience without showing your presence.

 Hide blue ticks in chats to read messages without showing your presence. 

 Hide typing indicator while typing any text to your buddies and contacts.

Customization Options

 Customize & change the default theme. Also, create many awesome themes according to your preferences. 

 You can also customize the app interface with dozens of customization options. 

 Change fonts and font styles for a varied chatting joy. 

Extended Media Sharing

 Send larger files for increased sharing joy. You can go for long-tail videos. Zupee app Share heavy size documents and big audio files

Share up to 100 images at once

Advanced Security

 App lock with PIN or fingerprint. This will keep all your chats & data safe from intruders.

 Hide chats with password protection. It will ensure that all your essential chats are only confined to you. 

Message Scheduling

 This feature will let you schedule different messages. You can schedule multiple messages with different dates & times.

Auto Reply Feature

Set automatic replies for incoming messages. This feature will allow you to define different text messages for auto-replies. 

Multiple Accounts

The official Watsapp app can only run a single account at a time. For more reports, you need to log out from the first one. Or you may need an app cloner for running multiple accounts on a single device. But this GB version allows users to use various accounts of Whatsapp at a time. Moreover, it keeps all the tabs logged in at a time. 

Anti-Revoke Messages

In official Whatsapp, there is a feature of “Delete for Everyone.” If a message is deleted with this option, it will disappear from sender & receiver both. But the anti-revoke feature of GBWhatsapp Pro allows reading those deleted messages. 

Increased Group Capabilities

The official App only allows up to 256 members for a chat group. But with the GB version, you can Increase this number. Now you can add participants in a group up to 600.

DND Mode

Disable internet connection for GB WatsApp while keeping other apps functional. This feature is helpful if you want to take a break from Whatsapp only.

Status Downloading

The official App only allows you to watch and reply to a contact status. But this GB app will enable you to Download those statuses. Download and save your contacts’ status updates.

Message Filters and Sorting

Filter and sort messages by date, name, or type. It will help you quickly manage and easily access different chats and messages. 

Broadcast Features

Send broadcasts to multiple contacts at once. This feature helps communicate with a larger audience with ease. Moreover, it is also beneficial for small business to convey their products & services. 

Privacy Tweaks

Control who can call you on your Whatsapp. You can also control who views your status. Moreover, you can also make many other privacy tweaks.

App Customization

This feature will let you try different icons for your App. You can choose other icons for your Whatsapp accordingly. Moreover, you can also customize the heroes of your Whatsapp notifications. 

GB Whatsapp Apk

   Download GBWhatsapp

GB Whatsapp Vs. Official Whatsapp

GBWhatsApp Download and Official WhatsApp are two different messaging applications. Both refer to a single platform but have notable differences. ddizi GB WhatsApp offers advanced features such as enhanced privacy settings. It brings customizable themes and the ability to send larger files. It provides scheduling for messages and auto-replying features. 

Official WhatsApp provides a secure and reliable messaging platform. This is fully trusted by billions of users worldwide. It focuses on essential features & seamless integration. It offers end-to-end encryption for chats and regular updates. Users seeking additional features may opt for gbapps com. But should be aware of potential risks associated with using modified apps.

GB WhatsApp is not working

Clear the app cache and data from your device settings, then restart the App.

Ensure you have the latest version of GBWhatsApp Apk installed, and if not, update it from a trusted source.

Installation Errors

Are you facing installation issues? Ensure you have downloaded it from a trusted source. Moreover, check & enable the “Install from Unknown Sources. 

Update Errors

If encountering update errors, uninstall the existing GB WhatsApp version. Download the latest version from this reliable source from the above give button. Now install it again to ensure a clean installation.

Media Download Issues

Need to help downloading or saving media files? Check, verify, and ensure you have enough space. Clear the cache and data of GB WhatsApp, or try reinstalling the App if the problem persists.

Ban Issues

Are you banned from using the WhatsApp GB version? Yacinetv Then a big sorry folk. whatsapp gold  There’s yet to be an official solution for that. Switching to the official WhatsApp application is recommended to avoid further bans.

GBWhatsapp Features 

These advanced features only offered by the GB version are missing in the official version.

 Hide online status, blue ticks, and typing indicators.

 Themes, fonts, and app icon customization for a personalized experience.

 Send videos, documents, and audio files beyond WhatsApp’s limitations.

 Schedule messages to be sent at specific times and dates.

 Auto-reply feature: Set automatic responses for incoming messages.

 Multiple accounts: Use multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device.

 Read deleted messages in chats.

 Accommodate up to 600 members in a group chat.

 Disable GB WhatsApp’s internet connection while keeping other apps active.

 Change app icons and notification icons to suit personal preferences.

How to Update GB WhatsApp

To update GB WhatsApp, follow these steps:

 Open your web browser and visit this website. It offers the latest version of GB WhatsApp with 100% security. Ensure you download it from this trusted source.

 Download the updated GB WhatsApp APK file onto your device.

 Before installing the update, go to your device’s settings and enable the “Install from Unknown Sources” option.

 Go to your file manager/download manager to find the Apk file of this Downloaded GB version. 

 Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update. Once installed, you can open GB WhatsApp and enjoy the latest features and improvements.

Download & Installation

The App is not an official asset and hence not featured by the Play Store. But we bring the new, latest, 100% working, and secure version of this GB App. Tap the download button now to get this GB version with many features. Once you download it, you can set up its installation. 

For Installation;

 Get the latest version file from this page of GBWHatsapp App.

 Go on to open the Apk file of this latest GB version. It will bring pop-ups into play.

 Tap this pop-up to break into the “Security” Tab in the “Settings” menu.

 Allow Installation permission and proceed with setting it up on your Android. 

 Once you have done with the installation, you can open and log in to it. 

 Put in login credentials and enjoy unlimited GB features.


Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

It is a modified version of WhatsApp with many additional facilities. It offers many features you won’t ever get in the official or any other version. 

Can I use GB WhatsApp without getting banned?

Developers of the GB version have done their best to make it safe. But still, there are chances of getting banned temporarily or permanently. 

How can I transfer my chats from official WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp?

You can back up & import your chats from the official WhatsApp to GB. Create a backup in the official App. Now uninstall it, and install the latest GB version. Restore the jam during the initial setup of this GB app.

Can I use GB WhatsApp on iPhone/iOS?

It is not an official version and is not allowed by iOS technology. Hence, only Android folks can enjoy it so far.

GB Whatsapp Apk


GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version offers a wide range of features and customization options. These assets will enhance the user experience and privacy settings while it provides unique functionalities. Users should download the App from this webpage and not any other. It is the best and 100% trusted source. So get the App to enjoy advanced privacy settings. Get tons of customization options & extended media-sharing capabilities.